Rob Holcroft

rob-holcroftRob Holcroft ‘Postural Empowerment’ As Aristotle pointed out, “We are what we repeatedly do”. At a time when people spend more time sitting than any generation before and poor mental health seems to be at an all time high, the idea that mind and body are one has never been more evident. Recent scientific research proved that your posture directly affects chemicals in your body that influence your sense of stress and confidence and self esteem. Combining his passion for helping others with a childhood love of superheroes, Rob’s talk will explore how you may be sabotaging your mental health and emotional well being with bad posture and poor physical behaviours. He will share his discoveries, from working with hundreds of people, and show how easily you can free yourself to be a healthier, happier and truly, super human.  Rob is an integrative therapist (body and mind) specialising in physical and emotional pain relief, addressing the two largest causes of absenteeism in the workplace, musculoskeletal disorders and poor mental health. He is an health and well being expert for ITV Central News and BBC Radio, a forerunner in posture related stress research with over 23 years experience, motivational speaker, author and accredited member of the Association of Coaching, with an MA in Professional Learning (Education) - Mentoring and Coaching. Rob runs a private practice in North Worcestershire and London.