Peter Ogrodnik

peter-ogrodnikPeter Ogrodnik – ‘Astronauts, spectacles, racing cars and broken bones’. Peter is Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Keele University, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Engineering Designers, a Fellow (regional) of the Royal Society of Medicine, and an Honorary Consultant at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. Peter has worked on the application of engineering design principles to medical devices, with a particular focus on fixing broken legs. In other words, he helps fix bones using engineering technology. He is now engaged in investigating how the emerging Internet of Things can be fruitfully used in medical engineering. What he'll be talking about is the application of cutting edge engineering solutions to the mending of broken bones and how cross-disciplinary approaches can change how things are done. The mending of broken bones has not advanced that much since the first splints and suchlike. But now, using technological spin-offs from the space and aeronautics industries, broken bones can be mended even while they're being used.